Our goal is to give innovators and talent the access to the greatest opportunity of the 21st century: the use of advanced digital technologies to improve health and extend life.

Who it is for

  • HealthTech startups
  • IT, software and data specialists
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Biohackers
  • Mature health organisations with a challenge that requires ecosystem capabilities

Community membership benefits


Get opportunities to develop your project through grant funding, investment or sponsorship.


Get access to the space dedicated to health innovation in life extension.


Leading international companies need your expertise! Get access to project work opportunities.


Discover, explore and present yourself and your company to the world at our live and virtual events.


Do you want to develop your idea into a business or are you looking for projects you can join? Get inspired and act.


Access the network of technology, business and industry experts.


Be a part of the community of like-minded people.


Use digital tools and platforms to develop and test your idea.


July 2024
July 26, 2024

Start-up clinic day

Come and get advice and help from mentors. ...

8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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July 29, 2024

Coworking tour

Come and see yourself! Apply for your slot here.   ...

8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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