3 Innovative Technologies That Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

The innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the healthcare industry of today.

Artificial Intelligence

Sophisticated computer algorithms can diagnose patients, discover new drug combinations that battle illnesses like Ebola, and research DNA combinations for the best possible treatment for patients. Computer intelligence’s ability to calculate and analyze data at lightning speeds will continue to help human medical professionals with diagnosis and preventative treatments.

Health Wearables

Wearables like the FitBit to medical sensors and monitors that patients can wear to deliver real-time data, health wearables are changing the face of medicine. Patients can now take more control over their health with applications and devices that keep track of their general health.


Modern doctors can now take advantage of on-screen sci-fi technologies like the Medical Tricorder like those used on Star Trek. Innovative gadgets designed to help medical professionals during the diagnosis process of patient processing. Hand-held diagnostic tools are becoming valuable tools that can measure various vital statistics, including blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and blood oxygenation levels. Scanning a patient for vitals is quickly becoming a reality. These devices are helping to streamline the intake process relieving pressure on emergency medical procedures.

Source: www.healthtechzone.com