30 HealthTech Startups Impacting Good Health & Well Being

We analyzed 10.000+ HealthTech startups and showcase 30 solutions from 21 countries impacting and helping achieve the UN-SDG #3 – Good Health & Well Being.

Innovations in healthcare and wellness span a range of technologies. Traditionally speaking, healthcare data and information have usually been collected and stored neatly for many years now, albeit in paper form. The digitization of health data and information, known as eHealth, opens the door for applying analytics and informatics techniques to vast amounts of patient and hospital data.

Partly or completely, it is business-as-usual issues that hinder countries in efficiently delivering public services, which in turn slows the progress of the UN-SDG program. With the gradual standardization of data collection systems, innovators have a multitude of options for developing technology-driven health and wellness solutions.

Our Healthcare Innovation Map covers all major technologies and solutions impacting the industry right now. Our goal is to showcase HealthTech startups that are working on solutions that are, or potentially could, accelerate the progress of achieving the UN SDG #3 – Good Health & Wellbeing.