Flow acquires Halo to further develop mental health treatments

The acquisition of Halo’s technology, R&D and patents aims to advance Flow’s research into treatment for depression and other mental health disorders.

Daniel Mansson, CEO and co-founder of Flow Neuroscience, and clinical psychologist, said: “Our aim is to dramatically improve the lives of people who struggle with their mental health. Halo’s technology and academic research complement that of Flows’ in an almost magical way and will help us to take a very important next step on this journey together with our community of users.”

Erik Rehn, CTO and co-founder of Flow Neuroscience and neuroscientist said: “We are building on the technology Halo applied for the improvement of performance and well-being, which will revolutionise the application of tDCS for mental health disorders. By combining different neuromodulation techniques, we will be able to personalise treatments further to target brain regions with more precision. This will allow us to innovate treatments which are patient-specific and even more efficient and reliable. As we know mental health issues are as unique as the individual experiencing them, so further developing treatments that can target the precise areas a person is struggling with, will change the future of mental health treatment as we know it.”

Brett Wingeier, CEO and co-founder of Halo, who will be an advisor to Flow, added: “Flow is the best possible successor and a great home for everything we built at Halo with the help of our team, our customers, and our collaborators. We’re looking forward to seeing Flow’s research and technology advance the state of the art in neuromodulation and make an enormous impact on mental health worldwide with efficient, patient-specific, precision treatment.”