Medtech’s 2020 Fierce 15

It’s no secret that the medtech industry’s response to COVID-19 has been fierce, innovative and dynamic. The world cried out for tests to track the infection, technology to develop treatments, ventilators to help people breathe and the machinery to bring vaccines to millions. At the same time, many companies rearranged their efforts to address the new threat, while all were forced to adapt to its effects: lockdowns closed laboratories, and offices became chatrooms. 

Each member of this year’s class of Fierce 15 stands out in a different way, but they all overcame a year of unforgettable obstacles, making each of their successes that much more significant. Even more significant, their advancements all have the potential to deliver changes in care that will outlast this pandemic.

Fierce Medtech’s 2020 Fierce 15

  • Alydia Health, CEO: Rob Binney
  • Avail Medsystems, CEO: Daniel Hawkins
  • Babson Diagnostics, CEO: David Stein 
  • BenevolentAI, CEO: Joanna Shields 
  • C2N Diagnostics, CEO: Joel Braunstein, M.D., MBA
  • Canary Medical, CEO: William Hunter, M.D.
  • Caption Health, CEO: Charles Cadieu
  • Cue Health, CEO: Ayub Khattak
  • CVRx, CEO: Nadim Yared
  • Ellume, CEO: Sean Parsons
  • Foldax, CEO: Frank Maguire
  • Hyperfine Research, Chairman and founder: Jonathan Rothberg
  • IsoPlexis, CEO: Sean Mackay
  • Mammoth Biosciences, CEO: Trevor Martin
  • Paige, CEO: Leo Grady