Start-up: Biobeat

Founded in 2014, Biobeat is an Israeli developer of advanced wearable AI-powered remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions for hospitals, long-term care and pharma/CRO drug development & clinical trials. Used by healthcare facilities across the world, Biobeat’s patient monitors (wearable wrist and chest monitors) continuously collect patient health data (128 data points per second and more than 150 million individual data points per day) to empower health teams by providing a real-time accurate view of patient status. Biobeat utilises AI, Big Data and patient analysis to support health teams in providing optimal care to patients while minimising the risk of infectious viral exposure from in-person spot-checks.

Arik Ben Ishay, CEO and co-founder of Biobeat, is a volunteer paramedic with MDA, Israel’s National Emergency Pre-Hospital Medical and Blood Services Organisation.

Johanan May and Israel Sarussi (CTO and VP R&D, respectively) to co-found Biobeat and provide advanced patient monitoring solutions to the healthcare continuum. Using Israel’s expert knowledge of reflective photoplethysmography (PPG) technology, Biobeat soon transformed from a garage start-up into a provider of hospital grade remote patient monitoring solutions.

While our AI-powered wearable remote patient monitoring solution can be used throughout multiple facets of healthcare, it is mainly implemented within hospitals and long-term care settings, as well clinical/pharma research purposes. The real-time patient health data provided by our system empowers healthcare providers and medical staff with immediate actionable patient insights, allowing them to apply the right care at the right time for improved patient outcomes.