Three digital health solutions awarded share of £140k in Greater Manchester

Three companies with digital health solutions have been awarded a share of £140,000 as part of a funding call to accelerate innovations in Greater Manchester.

A digital platform to support remote monitoring of complex wounds, an app to help young adults and adolescents manage their type 1 diabetes and a speech recognition app with machine learning for people with speech impairments were successful as part of the 2020-2021 Health Innovation Manchester Momentum Fund.

Richard Deed, associate commercial director – Industry at Health Innovation Manchester said: “Greater Manchester key opinion leaders, including clinical experts, commissioners and patient representatives were involved throughout the process, including helping to define the initial priority areas and shortlisting and interviewing the applicants.

WoundPad by MDSAS Ltd awarded £42,000.

A partnership between MDSAS Ltd and the University of Manchester has designed and built WoundPad, a digital platform that brings together all the different components required for the remote management of complex wounds in a community setting.

Dr Rob Hollingsworth, managing director at MDSAS Ltd said: “Winning this grant will support wider implementation of WoundPad, delivering significant benefits to patients across Greater Manchester. Complex wounds are painful, at risk of infection and amputation, and have significant impact on the quality of life. WoundPad supports clinicians in delivery of care, optimising the use of stretched community resources, identifying patients most in need and enabling earlier communication and intervention to improve patient outcomes.

Nudg by LovedBy Ltd awarded £48,098

Nudg is an app platform which has been developed alongside the Manchester T1 Diabetic Team to deliver positive behaviour change using artificial intelligence and personalised lessons, prompts and support to support adolescents to manage their type 1 diabetes. 

Matt Farrar, founder and CEO of LovedBy Ltd said: “We are really excited about the funding as it really unlocks our ability to run our clinal trial program in Manchester. The Momentum Award success will provide valuable funds to support our joint research teams for up to 12 months.”

Voiceitt by Technologies of Voice Interface awarded £50,000

Voiceitt’s speech recognition technology is designed to recognise and translate non-standard speech patterns. This mobile app can be used to interpret a user’s unique speech sounds and produce voice commands through artificial intelligence and the platform’s algorithms. 

Sara Smolley, head of partnerships & alliances at Voicett said: “Voiceitt is an Israel based start-up that has built powerful automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for nonstandard speech. The aim of the grant project is to validate and bring to market Voiceitt’s first product, a mobile app enabling in-person communication and access to Alexa voice services, through a clinical pilot study. “