Prince Harry’s Focus on Tech and Mental Health Is Only Beginning

With his work on Head Together, a mental health campaign he founded with Prince William and Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry helped to change the national conversation in Britain around mental well-being. Now living in California, Harry is now aiming toward global change.

With his new position at the mental health-focused startup Better Up, as well as a role at the Aspen Institute, Harry is continuing to focus on two things that defined his work as a royal: mental health and media disinformation. According to a close source to the royal, it’s only the beginning.

With his work at Better Up and at the Aspen Institute, then, Harry can combine the two, concentrating on well-being within the tech world as well as media disinformation as a whole. Previously Harry had also emphasized the importance of mental health through his work with the Invictus Games, which he founded to help former servicemen and women, as well as smaller British charities like Walking with the Wounded.